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Course on Career Technical Education and STEM with Robotic Arm on Engage!K12

Check the course on CTE-STEM with robotic arm on Engage!K12 and discover coding with Dobot

Career technical education or CTE is a path for career readiness right out of high school and here at RobotLAB we created several courses for the Dobot robotic arm that are companion courses for your existing CTE curriculum to engage students in STEM concepts.

These courses explore the use of sensors, robotic attachments and conveyor systems. Today I'm going to take you through one of our lessons working on a collaborative assembly line with the Dobot.

Alright, so we start in the observe section by talking about things that are happening in the real world. In this example, Tesla company and Elon Musk learned that full automation to cut on labor costs isn't always a good step and sometimes a collaborative assembly line with robots and humans is actually more efficient. This is something students will really want to know, especially if they want to work in stabber manufacturing in the future.

So next, they go to the explore module and they learn about the STEM challenge they're going to be completing, they need to turn their fully automated assembly line that they made in the last lesson to a collaborative assembly line that means humans and robots work together and it means that they can make a much more complicated object.

So next, they go the prototyping section that's equal parts coding and also hardware.

It's a lot of fun, make it Dobot to use different sensors and the different attachments included for it.

And finally, they reflect on what they've done during the lesson, they answer some
questions that are more geared towards specific knowledge, whether they retain the
vocabulary and also some questions about just how they feel about the material how well they feel that they did.

And the teacher can look back on that and see how the  class is doing. 

if you'd like to see hundreds more lessons like this forDobot and other robots visit Engage!K12 

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