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CUBELETS OS 4 - A Major Update and Improvement!


Hello Friends,

We’ve got something exciting to announce. We call it Cubelets OS 4.
Cubelets OS 4 is a new operating system for Cubelets that changes the way they communicate. Cubelets OS 4 enables Cubelets to do everything they do now, only better!


With Cubelets OS 4, robots will respond faster to the world around them, providing much quicker feedback on any changes users make. Using a Bluetooth Cubelet is speedy and simple! Reprogramming changes behaviors more quickly and reliably, and, with our NEW Cubelets app, remote-control robots respond in real-time.


Starting today, all new Cubelets will ship preloaded with the new OS 4 upgrade. You'll be able to spot them because of the new "OS 4 Inside" sticker.

Cubelets OS 4 is now compatible with Cubelets' current operation system (OS 3), so consumers will want to upgrade - but how?

So glad you asked!

To upgrade, customers will need to download the new Cubelets App for iOS or Android and follow the onscreen instructions. Upgrading shouldn’t take more than a few minutes per Cubelets kit. Our step-by-step upgrade video has more detailed instructions.

Cubelets OS 4 is not compatible with the current Cubelets operating system. Customers will need to upgrade to play with the amazing new features and Cubelets we have planned since all future Cubelets will run on the OS 4 platform.
If customers don’t upgrade, they’ll keep the same great product support they have now. Their Cubelets will still work and play in exciting ways; they’ll only be limited in their ability to add new Cubelets to their collection.
If you are unfamiliar with our Bluetooth Cubelet, it has many other terrific functions besides the upgrade function. The Bluetooth Cubelet can be used to remote control Cubelet creations and to program in C using Cubelets Code.

To learn more about Cubelets OS 4 or the upgrade process, visit the OS 4 support page or contact us as at accounts@modrobotics.com. We are here to help!
We know you’ll love the new Cubelets OS 4, and we can’t wait to see what your customers build with it.

Together with that, the company announced Cubelets Twelve. The TWELVE is the perfect mixture of SENSE, THINK, and ACT Cubelets to inspire a love of learning and ignite the imagination. 


Download the new Cubelets App for iOS!

Download the new Cubelets App for Android to upgrade Cubelets to OS 4.

  • Nov 17, 2015 9:30:05 PM

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