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DARwIn-OP Robot Can Imitate Human Motions


The proposed system can perform full-body imitation of human motion by humanoid robot. A humanoid robot has potential to support people in various environments such as homes, hospitals, offices, etc. However, if a robot has to work in a real environment, actions based on various motions, which should be input by humans, are essential. The motion-capture is one of the easiest ways to generate humanoid motions. However, there are lots of problems. Often it requires offline process for building motion database. High computational cost is also a big problem in a small-sized humanoid. Moreover, because of the difference between human and robot kinematic structure, the original captured human motions are often infeasible movements for humanoid robot.


In this research, with visual motion captured by Microsoft Kinect Camera and a small-sized DARwIn-OP robot, we propose a human imitation system that cleared mentioned problems. This video shows the imitated motion by virtual DARwIn-OP robot without adjusting balance. DARwIn-OP loses its balance, and it falls down. This video shows the imitated motion by virtual DARwIn-OP robot with adjusting balance. DARwIn-OP is able to imitate human motion while it is taking balance. This demonstration shows that the system can adjust the robot motions, which satisfied the mechanical constraints, dynamics, consistency, and postural consistency while DARwIn-OP is imitating human motions.



  • Mar 19, 2014 1:00:00 PM

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