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Design Principles of the Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 involves the heavy use of automation and data exchange in manufacturing environments, including areas such as cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing. With Industry 4.0, manufacturers will be able to operate "smarter" factories in which they can more easily tailor products to specific customers.

There are four design principles in Industry 4.0. These principles support companies in identifying and implementing Industry 4.0 scenarios. They include:

1. Interoperability: The ability of machines, devices, sensors, and people to connect and communicate with each other via the Internet of Things (IoT) or the Internet of People (IoP). Adding IoT will further automate the process to a significant extent

foundations-of-interoperability.jpg2. Information transparency: The ability of information systems to create a virtual copy of the physical world by enriching digital plant models with sensor data. This requires the aggregation of raw sensor data to higher-value context information.


3. Technical assistance: The ability of assistance systems to support humans by aggregating and visualizing information comprehensibly for making informed decisions and solving urgent problems on short notice. Plus, the ability of cyber physical systems to physically support humans by conducting a range of tasks that are unpleasant, too exhausting, or unsafe for their human co-workers.


4. Decentralized decisions: The ability of cyber physical systems to make decisions on their own and to perform their tasks as autonomously as possible. Only in the case of exceptions, interferences, or conflicting goals, are tasks delegated to a higher level.


How can you implement this Technology in the classroom?

A great tool to prepare your students to this change is Dobot Magician, a truly cutting-edge robotic arm that is available for your STEAM or CTE program. It's a highly cost-effective solution empowering 21st century skills and unleashing students' creativity. Dobot integrates programming, mechanics, electronics, and automation. It’s a great STEAM teaching device that strengthens knowledge across multiple subjects, with a high precision and user-friendly UI, enjoyable functions, and unlimited development possibilities. Dobot Magician brings Industry 4.0 and the new era to life for your students.


Stay tuned for more blog posts about the Industry 4.0 and learn about this amazing new digital era. 

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  • Mar 7, 2018 3:40:00 PM

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