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Engineering Design LittleBits code kit course on Engage!K12

Check the lesson, Engineering Design with LittleBits Code kit on Engage!K12 and learn how to create loops, variables, functions and more. 

Our mission at RobotLAB is to create engaging curriculum which provides students with opportunity for hands on experience with robotics, programming and coding. Students also get to develop their critical thinking skills analyzing, debugging and collaboration.

Let me introduce you to Engineering design with a little bits code KitLittle bits are electronic building blocks that are actually magnetic and really easy to connect to one another.

This is great because it teaches students about inputs and outputs and how to connect these, to get LittleBits do what they want them to. 

In addition, LittleBits also has a programming app where students can program LittleBits to do specific things, within the engineering design with little bits code Kit, the students get to learn about loops, logic, variables and functions. 

My personal favorite lesson is a lesson on Functions. In this lesson the students first start by creating their very own hand-shake and writing it as if they were functions.

In the observe section, the students get to practice using functions and better understanding when to use a function within their program and some pitfalls to make sure to avoid.

Then in the explore section the students and teachers get to spend some time looking at what the purpose of a function is, and why a programmer would it use it within their program

In the act section, the students get to brainstorm how they're gonna accomplish the goal for the day which is creating multiple dance moves, which will be showing up on an LED matrix.

In the reflection module the students reflect back on the things that they struggled with and how they overcame those challenges as well as explaining how functions are used within programming.

If you want to learn more you can view hundreds of lessons on Engage!K12 I'll see you there!

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