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Feature a Teacher: NAO is the perfect recruiter for our engineering program.


 Michael Martin is a teacher from Martin Luther King High School in Riverside, CA in the Engineering program. Two years ago, when the school was getting ready to start competing in the SkillsUSA Championships was the first-time he realized that NAO robot was the tool for his students. They saw that Humanoid Robotics was a contest, and they decided to get involved. 


Mister Martin executes different tasks with the NAO robot. First, He make the NAO robot compete in the SkillsUSA championships with his students. Second, NAO robot becomes a recruiter for their engineering program while visiting middle schoolers. Third, NAO robot performs in some event for parents, and lastly, Mister Martin use NAO robot to perform in public events.

The video below shows an episode of the school’s news magazine that showcased the NAO robot as part of a feature on the state championship SkillsUSA team

What Mister Martin and his students most love about the robot is that is easy to program, fun to work with and people react with interest in the demonstrations that NAO performs. “It’s an amazing and effective way to learn programming” he said. When he uses NAO for specific projects, these don’t last more than a month, but the SkillsUSA championship can last longer.

For Mister Martin the educational and social impact is that the kids and adults are interested, and the students want to work with it when they see the NAO robot around the school. Also, the community has shown a lot of interest in the engineering program thanks to the demos that NAO performs.

Mister Martin is thinking to acquire another robot this year. Mister Martin said “We want another one! This year we had two teams that had to share a NAO, and next year we’ll purchase at least one more, maybe two more. We love the NAO!

If you want to purchase or know more about the NAO Robot you can ask for a price quote request

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  • May 21, 2018 3:11:12 PM

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