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The new version of NAO Robot V6 is here with upgraded features, new software and improved hardware! Want to know more? Click the video below! and read the transcript. 


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NAO V6 Educator Pack  NAO V6 Standard Edition


We are from RobotLAB and today we have pretty exciting news for you. We have the brand new NAO V6, as you can see here. And the first thing that you notice about this Robot is the color, it comes in a new color dark grey, shiny dark grey, more like a metallic grey. It's like futuristic color which is really, really nice and set it apart from the different NAO-- in the past we had three the light gray over there, the blue one over here is before-- we fire the red one and obviously our brand new color here is this new dark gray and that's the only color. If you remember in the past it every version had two colors, V6 comes with only one color.

Now it's all Softbank Robotics Nao is the name. I have to tell you Paul, the first thing I'm working on for today and the first thing I noticed its blazing fast, it's super, super fast.

 Paul: How much faster is it?

 Elad: Start from boot time. Boot time is less than a minute. My iPhone takes longer

Paul: That's pretty fast.

 Elad:  It's such as that, the Wi-Fi is actually 10 times faster and not only that, it supports WPA enterprise and WPA2 enterprise which was not supported on the previous versions.

Many schools that can't connect into the school network because it's not secure enough and here we go now we know it's there. But it's not just the Wi-Fi and the overall CPU speed. The hard drive that is using the Robot is actually a faster as well. In the previous version, in the V4 and V5, we used a SD card as the memory card this is the hard drive for the Robot. In the new Nao 6 version we have SSD card which is 35 times faster and you feel it.

 Elad: I also tested the one of my lunch cook list earlier and I taught the robot to identify with visual cognition thing and google just identifies it immediately.

The camera is also better, that's right. The camera was moved from 1.3 megapixel in DD 5 to 5 megapixel in the new one. And not only that, there is a new mode-- dual camera mode, which means that we can use both camera, the one in the forehead and the one in the mouth simultaneously you can alternate between them. This new mode which you can actually flick that around and use the second camera we couldn't use it before-- it's just not reliable, and talking about reliability, I noticed something else that was changed here. There is a new mechanism introduced by the developer of Softbank Robotics which presumably gives more reliable information from the sensors. If you rely on data from sensors to derive at a certain rate or some kind of-- the thing you need to send to the monitors and you need to make sure that everything is synchronized this process, this new software or makes sure that everything will be as expected, so that's a new thing-- [cross-talk] there’s definitely an upgrade. And talking about software there is a new Nao key that comes with that. There is Nao key 2.8.

And we'll probably see a few iterations of 2.8. 2.8 One, two, three and so on. But now the 2.8 is exclusive to V6.

Elad: Each one comes V5, V4's and so on. It's exclusive to V6 because it uses much more computing power that is not available on the previous versions. I should tell you that one thing that I'm impressed with is the semantic engine. The semantics engine is designed to mimic as much as possible human and robot interaction, the way that we envision, the way that we see in movements. One other thing you can talk to the robot you can tell the robot, Paul likes racing cars and then you can ask the robot what Paul likes. 

It should remember that, that’s right. We can teach the robot, you can also use all kinds of "if" statements in a verbal way so for example if you see this, then do that. If for example you see me smiling okay, then clap your hands and I can just say that and it will do that. Because it understands what is a smile? What is human, what is clapping hands and I can just use that as a voice command to the robot..

 It's really powerful and again no code, no nothing just talk to the robot so this is something really, really important. There is also new choregraphe let me just switch over here to the choregraphe so there is new choregraphe over here and if you're looking that-- if you've worked with the choregraphe or pepper it looks similar to that so you can see like a new tree of behaviors and different commands, different boxes that you used to have. They are now organized under different hierarchy over here so for example here I'm talking about vision and that's a camera picture and so on and it's all right over here on your left side. There is also one thing which at least to me was really, really missing from all this version. You know how when you create a very complicated program very quickly everything gets like--

It's all over the place so over here, if for example you're dragging, my computer is under this video load but if you're drugging basically a box over here and you connect it you can see your hierarchy over here so inside the timeline, like a timeline. I'll just put I'll just drag in another box over here and what you can see here that under each one of them and we'll start seeing the hierarchy as I build that and as I connect the things that will start showing up here and we can actually  get a preview of program but one of the another very impressive improvement is the level of understanding especially for people like me with accent the robot in this version Nao 6 supposed to understand better people up to nine times better that around including in loud environments, including accents and so on and this is something very, very powerful.

The speakers are louder too yeah; the speakers are roughly two times louder than the previous version. Now all these improvements in software and hardware are worthless without solid lesson plans that's what we are all about here at RobotLAB.

We want to make sure that these robots are useful in the hands of educators in the classroom. All our lesson plans on Engagek12, the online platform, all the lesson plans that currently support V4 and V5 they are going to be transferred to our support the Nao V6 the hardware and the software improvement which means that you'll have lessons around coding, computer science, around the math, physics even literacy reading writing they all of them are going to be available for the customers who purchase the Engagek12 learning platform subscription as well.

And this includes the simulation tools and everything that you see and everything that is about right now on Engagek12 and one more thing important about talking about licenses about choregraphe that the new version of choragraphe  2.8 it doesn't need the license key anymore which means that schools that clone computers for students won't have to deal with license keys and expiration days and so on the software installs the way it is and doesn't have any license key or expiration date or anything like that and if you already ordered your robot and you're waiting for that  here it is, it's coming all the pending orders will be will be fulfilled in the upcoming weeks. 

Coming our way and we'll start shipping them probably at the end of this month or early next month depends on when we get them in our warehouse. If you have any questions, if you need any--anything just email us at info@robotlab.com we’ll be more than happy to answer any question or whatever you need and we're here as always robotic team.


Thank you guys.

  • Jun 19, 2018 11:02:44 AM

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