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Flocks of drones will raid classrooms this year. Are your kids ready?

New online courses from RobotLAB make drones relevant for the classroom, allowing teachers to engage students in STEM and coding

RobotLAB, the leading educational robotics company, announces today that its award-winning online learning platform Engage! K12 offers entirely new and engaging lesson plans which use drones to teach coding, programming and math.

Indiana University's High School Survey of Student Engagement found that about 2 out of 3 students from the 81,000 surveyed, said the don’t see the value in the work they are asked to do. School’s inability to engage students is playing a major role in their college and career readiness. And drones are a great way to change this.

            “I’ve seen students react to the robots very positively,” Said Prof. Peter Stone from UT Austin, “I set out a lesson in a high school detention room, on a weekend, where the students clearly came in not wanting to be there, and when the quadcopter came out and started flying around the room, they were immediately engaged. I was able to watch them over a period of a couple of hours remain focused on learning quadratic relationships and really having the concept ‘click’. So it’s clear … that students relate to this.”


Drones and students are a match made in heaven. These devices are the perfect introduction to coding and programming, variables, conditionals, math, sensors and more. And the hands-on experience can transform the classroom dynamics.


The Engage!K12 platform is focused on developing 21st-century skills and global competencies through the purposeful use of technology, project-based, and blended learning. All lessons are compatible with wide variety of robots: from humanoid robots to quadcopters, 3D printers, and even autonomous cars. This ready-to-use platform is a tool that brings excitement when it’s time for teaching and learning.

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  • Aug 17, 2018 8:00:00 AM

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