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Google Expedition - American museum of natural history

American Museum of Natural History

This Expedition has 10 different scenes! Let’s check them out.

The Bernard Family Hall of North American Mammals 

Begin this journey by selecting a specific object or view point you want your students to see while explaining the context of each item. your students will follow the Arrow once you have clicked on a specific object, so they can be learning along with you.

Your students visit several dioramas showing North American mammals in their habitat. Featured are the American Bison and Moose. 

- Alaska Brown Bear Your students will learn about their habitat and how their diet accounts for their large size. They will also learn similarities that brown bears have with polar bears.

- Wolves In this scene, learn how wolves travel in packs and how they once occupied most of the Northern Hemisphere.

Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs Let’s travel back in time to see how the Saurischian dinosaurs are different from other dinosaurs? See a variety of fossils up close in this scene.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Learn about the most popular display in the museum, Tyrannosaurus Rex. what did they to eat? how long did they live?

Apatosaurus Originally called Brontosaurus, the name was revised after more recent research. What makes the Apatosaurus different from other dinosaurs??

Allosaurus the students will learn about this Jurassic carnivore! See a scavenging pose as it hovers over a partial Apatosaurus skeleton.

- Milstein Hall of Ocean Life Let’s dive in with animals of the ocean! here you can take your students underwater and find a connection between human and aquatic systems!

- Dolphin and Tuna  In this scene, see how dolphins travel and feed with tuna. What do you think the risk of traveling together might be?

Walrus Welcome to the Artic Ocean! Let’s meet the walrus. how do they spend their time in the water? Get an up close view of their whiskers and Tusks?

 Travel and enjoy the journey with your students! Please let us know in the comments which new expedition would you like to see, you can find the list of the Expeditions here: https://www.robotlab.com/available-expeditions-virtual-reality 

Thank you for watching and we will see you next time.

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