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Google Expedition - Field trip Hispanic historic sites in the United States

Field Trip to Hispanic Historic Sites in the United States

This Expedition has 8 different scenes! Let’s visit these unique locations.

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Google Expedition - US Monuments

U.S. Monuments

This Expedition has 6 different scenes! Let’s check out these grand Monuments.

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Google Expedition - American museum of natural history

American Museum of Natural History

This Expedition has 10 different scenes! Let’s check them out.

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Google Expedition - Human Anatomy-Respiratory System

Human Anatomy- featuring the Respiratory System

This expedition has different 6 amazing scenes to look inside the respiratory system and learn more about this vital human organ.  

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Google Expedition - Fly with NASA's Juno Mission to Jupiter

Fly with NASA’s Juno Mission to Jupiter

This expedition has 4 scenes to view with your students. let’s start with Juno on the way to Jupiter. Here your students can fly along with Juno five days before its arrival at Jupiter on July 4, 2016. the spacecraft traveled five years to get to this point!

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