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Google Expedition - Field trip Hispanic historic sites in the United States

Field Trip to Hispanic Historic Sites in the United States

This Expedition has 8 different scenes! Let’s visit these unique locations.

- New Mexico: Palace of the Governors, Santa Fe

Begin this journey by selecting a specific object or view point you want your students to see while explaining the context of each item. your students will follow the Arrow once you have clicked on a specific object, so they can be learning along with you.

Welcome to Santa Fe where in 1610, the Palace of the Governors is the oldest continually occupied seat of government in the United States.

- New Mexico: Old Town, Albuquerque See the adobe buildings that make up a 10 blocks of Albuquerque’s Old Town preserve. See the San Felipe de Neri church and the Old town plaza. 

- San Antonio, Texas: San Juan Capistrano Mission Take a 360 view of the mission which was founded in East Texas in 1716 and relocated to San Antonio in 1731. Get up close to a Monastery, a church and Burial Ground on this historic site.

- San Antonio, Texas: The Alamo See the location famous for the 1836 battle. It was not always a fort as it began as the Mission San Antionio de Valero.

-St Augustine, Florida: Castillo de San Marcos National Monument Take a journey in the inner courtyard of this limestone fort built in 1692. See the construction of the unique diamond shape walls and an up close view of the bronze cannons.

- Miami, Florida: Freedom Tower This location in the heart of Miami The freedom tower was named by Cuban refugees who came to the United States to escape communism and was modeled after Grialda Bell Tower of the cathedral of Seville.

- Los Angeles, California: El Pueblo de Los Angeles This Marketplace and Community square on Olivera Street in Los Angeles is a host of many celebrations. This scene depicts a Day of the Dead celebration.

- Santa Clara, California: Santa Clara Mission Take a look at the beautiful structure of Mission de Santa Clara which was established in 1777. The bell tower is a well known meeting place for visitors to the mission.

And that’s it for this expedition!

Travel and enjoy the journey with your students! Please let us know in the comments which new expedition would you like to see. You can find the list of the Expeditions here: https://www.robotlab.com/available-expeditions-virtual-reality 

Thank you for watching and we will see you next time.

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