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Google Expedition - Fly with NASA's Juno Mission to Jupiter

Fly with NASA’s Juno Mission to Jupiter

This expedition has 4 scenes to view with your students. let’s start with Juno on the way to Jupiter. Here your students can fly along with Juno five days before its arrival at Jupiter on July 4, 2016. the spacecraft traveled five years to get to this point!

You can begin this journey by selecting a specific object or view point you want your students to see while explaining the context of each item. your students will follow the Arrow once you have clicked on a specific object, so they can be learning along with you.

- Soaring over Jupiter 

In this scene you will understand Jupiter and you will fly in one of its many orbits your students will identify the clouds of Jupiter and why is called the Gas planet!

- Juno in Regular and X-Ry Vision

In this scene there are two different views of Juno, you will see how it looks like from the outside and as if you had X-ray vision! You can identify its solar panels… Antenna… Science instruments… and more

- A look inside the Juno Spacecraft

Let’s get inside of the X-ray view of Juno! Here you can learn about Juno’s electronics, fuel tanks, engine and more!

And that’s it for this expedition!

Travel and enjoy the journey with your students! Please let us know in the comments which new expedition would you like to see, you can find the list of the Expeditions here: https://www.robotlab.com/available-expeditions-virtual-reality 

Thank you for watching and we will see you next time.

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Meet the Woman Who Guides NASA's Juno Probe Through Jupiter's Killer Radiation in the following article: 


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