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Google Expedition - US Monuments

U.S. Monuments

This Expedition has 6 different scenes! Let’s check out these grand Monuments.

- The Lincoln Memorial

Begin this journey by selecting a specific object or view point you want your students to see while explaining the context of each item. your students will follow the Arrow once you have clicked on a specific object, so they can be learning along with you.

Take your students to the west end of the National Mall in Washington DC to marvel at the statue of our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln.

- Mt Rushmore This scene takes you to South Dakota where you not only see the 60 foot tall faces of 4 presidents, you also learn about the surrounding hills and wildlife.

- The Statue of Liberty Take a trip to New York Harbor and witness Lady Liberty just like you were on group tour. The students also get to view Ellis Island, the landing place for more than 12 million immigrants from 1892 and 1954.

The Washington Monument Standing over 555 feet tall, see the monument which honors the first president of the united states George Washington.

- The Top of the The Washington Monument Get a birds eye view from the top of the monument and see the Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool, the White House, the Capitol building, and Potomac River.

- The Gateway Arch View this symbolic gateway between the Eastern and Western Region of the United States. The Old court house faces the Arch in the direction of the Mississippi River.

And that’s it for this expedition!

Travel and enjoy the journey with your students! Please let us know in the comments which new expedition would you like to see. You can find the list of the Expeditions here: https://www.robotlab.com/available-expeditions-virtual-reality 

Thank you for watching and we will see you next time.

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