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Programming in elementary with cubelets


What are people saying about CUBELETS, the new robotic teaching aid from start-up Modular Robotics (a spin-off from Carnegie Mellon University, with funding from the National Science Foundation)? Time Magazine called them one of the most interesting and accessible robots on the market today...  a great way to teach kids about how robots work without actually having to solder or know anything about programming.

Online magazine MakerShed, the magazine of do-it-yourself (DIY) digital projects, says “...we love Cubelets! These magnetic robot building blocks snap together and don’t require any programming, making it easy for anyone to build their own robotic creation. What could be more fun?”

RobotsLAB thought CUBELETS were marvelous too, and we’ve built a digital curriculum around them for teachers that is perfect for engaging younger students in activities like robot building and modular programming (no code skills needed). Kids can experience the thrill of learning procedural thinking, pattern recognition, abstraction and the satisfaction of developing a step-by-step strategy for solving problems.

Theses small magnetic blocks are easily handled by children; they snap efficiently together magnetically and are completely safe. The lively autonomous robots created are immediately ready to respond to light, sound, temperature and other environmental pressures.  They can pick things up, avoid each other and generally put on an amusing, educational show for kids in K-5. They're worth looking at for your classroom!


  • Jun 25, 2014 10:30:00 AM

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