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RobotsLAB is excited to be one of the finalists of SxSW Edu!


Austin, TX,  March 3, 2014 - The educational robotics company RobotsLAB is proud to be among the finalists of the LaunchEDU competition at SxSW edu conference in Austin, TX (March 3-6, 2014)




The company’s flagship product - the RobotsLAB BOX - was chosen as one of the finalists by experts and judges from the education market. The innovation and creativity of RobotsLAB BOX was recognized for its potential to create a profound change in the way that students understand the importance of math and science in our lives, and to help them to pursue a successful life in career or college.




"We are thrilled and thankful to see that professional educators honored and recognized our RobotsLAB BOX for its contribution within the intersection of education and technology," according to Elad Inbar, CEO of RobotsLAB. "We wouldn't be in this position without our amazing team and the innovative teachers which are an integral part of this innovation."




The RobotsLAB BOX is a teaching aid designed to augment teachers and demonstrate abstract math and science concepts through the use of robots. The kit comes with four different robots and a tablet, pre loaded with lessons such as quadratic equations, slope, sine and cosine and more.  All of which help teachers bring these subjects to life through the use of robots but require no prior experience in computer science or programming.





RobotsLAB BOX - The STEM Teaching-Aid for Math and Science
Watch the video: RobotsLAB BOX - The STEM Teaching-Aid for Math and Science

"Just turn on a robot and the tablet and you are good to go,” said Inbar during the demonstration. “the lessons are easy to operate; teachers just swipe a finger on the touch screen and are able to bring the robots to life,. We ship the RobotsLAB BOX pre-configured so teachers don’t need to worry about anything but teaching and engaging students.”




RobotsLAB BOX has previously been recognized with the ‘Educational Game Changer Award’ from Robotics Business Review, along with an ‘Edison Awards for Innovation.




During SxSWedu, RobotsLAB will exhibit at the Startup Showcase event on Monday March 3rd 2014 at the Hilton Austin on Monday from 5pm - 7pm. The company will pitch in front of judges on Tuesday March 4th from 10:30am to 12:30pm.




If you are in Austin at SxSWedu or want to schedule a meeting, please visit us at the times mentioned above or contact Elad Inbar at Elad.Inbar@RobotsLAB.com or Tim Smith at Element PR at tsmith@elementpr.com

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