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Scratch course with Autonomous cars on Engage!K12

Check the Scratch with Autonomous cars course on Engage!K12 and learn basic concepts in Computer Science and Physics while getting familiar with the science behind self-driving cars.

This course takes you through the process of creating your own self-driving car. Each lesson adds new features like automated headlights, obstacle avoidance and heat detection.

And finally culminates with lesson eight: Maze Solving Algorithms. In this lesson, you start by learning about mazes and the different algorithms people have used to solve them.

Next, you go to the explore section where you build your own maze for your autonomous car using the car as your guide and as your ruler.

After that, you go to the simulation and practice your coding skills in a virtual environment. Once you're confident with your ability there, you move on to coding the real autonomous car and taking it through the maze you made.

Finally, you go to the review section and you're able to answer questions about your performance, how you think you did, and also answer questions, remembering the vocabulary you learned during the lesson. 

if you'd like to see more lessons like this. We have hundreds of lessons for the autonomous cars and other robots at Engage!K12 

Interested in having the Autonomous cars? Ask for a Price Quote Request. 

Price Quote Request- Autonomous Cars

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