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Seattle Pre-school Children Spend Time in Nursing Home

It's totally shocking how many societies, especially developed ones, tend to shun the old. Aged homes have become a concept known in many parts of the world where people surrender ageing members of their family. The reason; there is no time in this busy life to look after or tend to the old. However, aged homes are a reality that we endure although they help in some way; people deprive their pre-k children of the pleasures of old age which may be synonymous with grandparenthood, and they simultaneously deprive their own children of time that could be well spent with experienced individuals of their families.


In times when people deprive their kindergarten-aged children the right to spend time with their grandparents, a few have chosen to let the two sides interact, and the result is incredible. In Seattle, there is a pre-school inside a nursing home where people let their children interact with older adults. The message pivots on 'fun' and the time to enjoy it is 'now'. This setting allows the aged people to thrive on happiness during as children can truly be a pleasure to watch and listen to with so much life in them.

The ones who bridge the gap include those who are apparently experts at dealing with children and the elderly. They are in fact the teachers of both age groups and they help the two sides communicate more effectively to make the most of the time they all spend together.

Every day that is spent interacting is a learning experience as much as it is a fun-filled one, and you can see the cheerful looks on the faces of all those present. There is no doubt that it is hard work for those who coordinate the interaction that takes place in the form of the little games that are conducted most skillfully. However, this hard work perhaps can never have a sufficient price tag; smiles and joy of the extremely young and the aged too can never be gauged.

The idea of having pre-k children interact with older adults is considered unusual because even people who have their older relatives in aged homes don't take their children to meet them often enough. So when you have children who have no blood connection with older adults visit them regularly and interacting with them and having a good time, it's something almost radical in today's world.

The world can certainly do with more interaction between the aged and kindergarten children. Not only is it great education for these young ones it also embeds the spirit and understanding of assisted living in them. These are things that are needed today in order to develop a more caring society.

It is hoped that this practice continues to grow so that societies across the world, especially developed ones, learn to not just appreciate their ageing adults but also allow them to spend time with their grandchildren.

  • Nov 16, 2015 11:06:00 PM

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