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STEMLAB, the new online platform by RobotLAB provides access to all robot apps and resources in one location!

RobotLAB launched STEMLAB, an online platform that aggregates lessons, apps and resources for multiple robots used in the classroom.


February 28, 2019 – San Francisco, CA – RobotLAB Inc., the award-winning educational robotics company launched STEMLAB, an online platform that gathers relevant materials for multiple robots in one place, enabling centralized access for teachers and students.

RobotLAB is focused on providing comprehensive, interactive, standards-aligned content for STEM and coding classes for schools. The educational platform Engage! K12 has hundreds of courses, lessons and hands-on activities. With Engage! K12, teachers and students have access to  comprehensive K-12 content on a classroom management platform.

The new addition, STEMLAB, adds a set of apps and resources for each of the supported robots. It consolidates everything educators need in order to use their robots in one centralized location. Apps, support articles, links to courses, lessons and other resources are all categorized on designated robot pages. RobotLAB seeks to achieve and provide full and optimal use of the robots in the classroom with this tool.


“With STEMLAB we really wanted to make the use of robots easy and relevant for education.” Said Natanel Dukan, who lead the development of the new tool. “Before STEMLAB, teachers and students needed to invest a large amount of time searching for relevant resources before they could actually use their robots. All that time spent looking for documentations, how-to-guides and apps is at best a waste of time. And it can be very frustrating, especially when you don’t find relevant information.”


The online platform supports a variety of robots that can be used in order to teach standards-aligned lessons (Common Core, NGSS, TEKS) and more. Within the platform, there are different apps for robot-dances, stories, pre-programmed moves and even apps for special education. Additionally, subscribers get access to the manuals of the robots, the software, technical documents and more -  allowing teachers and users to get familiar with all the aspects of their robot friends.

“Robots owners and users like to see their robots do fun things,” added Mr. Dukan, “We all feel joy when we’re able to get our hands on a new smart phone and in a few clicks download an app for it. The same goes for robots. We want to find the right apps, the right  software, or even a lesson to teach with it. That process is seamless with STEMLAB, and that’s a very satisfying experience. We hope everyone will enjoy this new tool as much as we do!”

STEMLAB by RobotLAB is now available and ready to provide a wide-range of materials for multiple robots, check it out!


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About RobotLAB (www.RobotLAB.com)

Founded more than a decade ago, RobotLAB is the premier educational-robotics company. The company’s innovative use of robots in the classroom was recognized by prominent organizations and won the company multiple awards such as the Best EdTech Company (SxSWEdu), the Gold in education category (Edison Awards), a Game Changer award (RoboBusiness) Best STEM tool (EdTech Digest) and many more.  Trusted by educators in more than 2,500 schools, RobotLAB is leading the educational-robotics market, ensuring schools’ investment in technology won’t be wasted. Its flagship product, Engage! K12, is designed to engage students and help them master the skills they need in order to ensure career and college readiness while developing 21st-century skills.

  • Mar 1, 2019 11:00:00 AM

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