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Teachers, looking to improve your lessons? RobotLAB Offers you a hand… a robotic hand!

New STEM and CTE curricula from RobotLAB include the user-friendly Dobot Robotic Arm to teach Engineering and Coding.


The award winning educational robotics company, RobotLAB, announces today the release of four new curricula on its online learning platform – Engage! K12, for the DoBot Robotic Arm. This user-friendly and multifunctional robotic arm is a state-of-the-art solution for implementing hands-on engineering, CTE and computer science classes. It helps students prepare for their careers and college readiness as it brings real-world implementation of the concepts being taught. It can be programmed using multiple coding languages such as Python, Java, C# as well through a blockly-based graphical programming interface for beginners.

“The robotic arm is really 5 robots in 1!” Said Samantha Baker, curriculum designer and product hacker at RobotLAB. “The array of attachments and the huge selection of apps to control and program it means it can be adapted to so many classes and ability levels, also the teacher resources on Engage!K12 allow any teacher to include engineering concepts in their classroom, regardless of their experience level.”

RobotLAB's online learning platform Engage! K12 now offers four courses, with more than 50 engaging instruction-hours. The different lesson plans are aligned with Common Core and NGSS standards - designed for teachers, by teachers. The lessons cover Computer Science, Engineering, Collaborative Problem-Solving and Creative Thinking. The use of the robotic arm in these lessons is an integration of programming, mechanics, electronics, and automation. It’s a great STEM teaching aid that reinforces knowledge across multiple subjects.

Educators can create a free account on Engage!K12,and start using the lessons immediately. They can assign activities to students, and track their progress on the included dashboard.

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  • Aug 29, 2018 2:00:00 PM

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