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Visual Programming with Autonomous Cars course on Engage!K12

Check the course of Visual Programming with Autonomous cars on Engage!K12 . Learn how to design your own self-driving car and how to program it. 

This course takes you through the process of designing your very own self-driving car. In each lesson you add new features like automated headlights obstacle avoidance and heat detection. It's programmable with Microsoft VPL  let's take a look at one of the lessons. 

So the whole process culminates in lesson nine maze solving algorithms where you learn how to solve mazes using your autonomous car. 

You start in the observe section by learning a little bit about mazes and the various algorithms, people have used to solve them.

Next, you go to the explore section and you build your own maze for your autonomous car using it as your ruler.

Next, you go to the drive section you learn about all the different algorithms again and decide which one you'd like to use and program yourself.

Next, you program it using Microsoft VPL. And finally, you go to the review section and reflect on how you did.

If you'd like to see hundreds more or less than like this go to Engage!K12 

Interested about having the Autonomous cars? Ask for a Price Quote Request 

Price Quote Request- Autonomous Cars

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