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Welcome to the new school year!

With one year to 2020 (wow, really?! Is it here so soon?!) I’m sure you, like many educators, ask yourself, "how do I engage students in core subjects, without making it feel like we are teaching them pre-historic subjects". How do I make coding and computer science relevant to their lives?

 If you are like me, you keep looking for new, innovative and engaging ways to teach this tech-savvy, always-online generation.

This summer break, I’ve had a great privilege to spend a couple of months with a group of elite STEM teachers from CA and TX. I wanted to share with you what they have created, and how amazing it is. Their innovative out-of-the-box approach created lesson-plans that truly engage students! And the best part – you can capture their learning using Engage! K12 dashboard, which gives you an overview of your class and helps you monitor individual students based on their progress (may it be too fast or too slow…)


CTE and STEM with Robotic Arms

 Dobot is a great tool for CTE and programming classes. It brings to life many subjects such as process automation, coding, collaboration and even trig and precalculus. 



Programming with Drones

This course is covering basic concepts in programming and Computer Science while getting familiar with the functioning of Drones. By the end of this course, students will be able to program different flight events and movements in the Codrone Lite.


Storytelling with Pepper

The storytelling curriculum has students writing a story which utilizes multiple literary devices, and programming Pepper to tell their story. Each lesson the students will learn about a literary device and a relevant coding skill.


Motion and Math with NAO

 This course contains 10 lessons. Through the lessons, students integrate math concepts into programming NAO to dance. It geared at middle and high school students, and introduces functions, angles, timing, etc.


However, these courses are just the beginning! With courses for Cubelets, LittleBits, Ozobots and even 3D printing and Virtual Reality, I'm sure you will find Engage! K12 the most comprehensive online learning platform available today!

And now you can create your account for free, and start introducing these subjects to your students.

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2019 new robots robotlab

New Robots for 2019!


For 2019 school year we have revamped our product catalog, with new robots and brand new STEM Labs! Click below to download the catalog, and get access to our new, 2019 educational robotics offering!

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