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Special Education

Autism Professionals & Special Ed Schools
Robots are social entities to children with special needs. Robots’ features such as their friendly design, constant and predictable behaviors, tireless and non-judgmental interactions, aim to control the environment and reduced the anxiety that cause children with special needs the interaction with others. RobotLAB offering has been built by autism professionals for Special Ed teachers and Therapists to improve the learning skills that students need.
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NAO is a fully programable bipedal humanoid robot. NAO is the most recognizable of any humanoid robots in education. The reason? To put it quite simply is its versatility. From use cases in Autism therapy to dancing in a synchronized dance show to STEM ambassador and beyond NAO is sure to fit the needs of just about any research study out there.

Projected Reality Station

A revolutionary and interactive educational solution that brings Science to life with fully interactive and dynamic hands-on activities using virtual 3D worlds.


QTrobot is a humanoid robot, built and designed to assist in teaching new skills to children with autism spectrum disorder and help them benefit more from educational sessions. QTrobot is designed to be an engaging and easy to understand tool for children with autism. QTrobot shows facial expressions, gestures and body language and also talk with children.

Kebbi Air robot

Kebbi Air is not merely a multi-functional technology product. It is the result of the team's delicate design where they delve and dig into people's needs, and combine educational theory and trend to tailor the hardware, software and applications of a robot. The purpose is to turn digital content into a real company in the real word, and what's more, make kids' mental and physical development more natural and comprehensive. Let Kebbi Air become a new member of your family, and play, learn, and create with it together!


QTrobots enables multi-disciplinary and diverse usecases in Healthtech, STEM Education, Social Sciences, Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Vision, Machine Learning & Virtual Reality.