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NAO robot apps download guide with STEMLAB

How to download apps for your NAO robot using STEMLAB

STEMLAB is an online portal that gathers in one place all you need for your robot. There are 11 robots compatible with STEMLAB today and the NAO robot is one of them. From the portal you can access lessons, apps , resources and support articles. This article focuses on the apps download for the NAO robot. 

The apps on STEMLAB are Choregraphe files in a zip format. It is different from the process of downloading apps from the Softbank Robotics store. Here are the steps you need to follow :

  • Access the apps page by clicking on Apps for the NAO robot
  • Browse the apps and select the one you want
  • Click on "details" to view more details
  • From the detailed page you can download the apps simply click " Download Now"
  • The "Download now" button will start the download of a zip file
  • This zip file is a folder containing the Choregraphe files of the apps.


  • Unzip and save the folder on your computer. 


  • Open Choregraphe and add the folder to your project 



We created a video that shows you all the steps in a more detailed way! The video shows an example of a dance app " get lucky". The process is the same for all the apps for all the categories: dances, stories, general, education and special education. Unless stated otherwise the apps are compatible with NAO V6 and V5. You just need to make sure that tthe Choregraphe you are using is compatible with NAOqi. In the video we have used a NAO V6 with Choregraphe 2.8.2 Make sure you're using the proper version and the latest update available.  

You can find the latest Choregraphe, and guides for your robot on STEMLAB as well under resources. So while you're browsing STEMLAB we invite you to check out the resources and lessons available for your robot. You will certainly make some good finds!  



Contact us with any questions we'll be happy to help! 


  • Jan 24, 2023 3:32:19 PM