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Factory Reset NAO Robot

Disclaimer: The following support solution will erase the memory on NAO. Make sure you are familiar with disc formatting and know/follow the directions before attempting the following. If you have questions, contact us before attempting this solution.

Let’s try to do a factory reset to the robot. (you can follow this video as well  )


Reset Nao Robot-1.jpg

I.    Make sure you have these 4 items ready


1. You have downloaded the NAO Flasher

To find the Flasher – Got to the Softbank support Website →Select “Download” in the center of the page →Select the “Softwares” box →Select “NAO Flasher” → Select your version of flasher compatible to your computer operating system

Open flasher by double clicking, and select Flasher and Extract All and save it in a convenient place like your desktop



2. Download the NAO Qi operating system image from here: 


For V6 NAO 2.8.7 click the following link:  and save to your desktop or a convenient location you’ll remember where it is

For V6 NAO (Dark Gray color robot) and save to your desktop or a convenient location you’ll remember where it is

For V5 NAO (Red or Blue color robot) and save to your desktop or a convenient location you’ll remember where it is

3. Now get an unformatted USB (that has no file system at all nor any files saved on it) – if you don’t have an unformatted USB please watch the video starting at the minute at 2:33 for further directions to unformat your USB key: 

4. Make sure your NAO is fully charged

II.     Save the Operation System Image onto the USB

1. Open the folder containing the NAO flasher program. Right-click on the flasher batch file →click “Run as administrator” → on the open window click on browse and select the copy of NAO Qi you downloaded earlier→ and select the USB key which is now unformatted and select Factory Reset and click Write

*Note* (If you don't want to factory reset the robot, please leave the Factory Reset box unchecked)

III.     Place USB Key into NAO’s head and start Factory Reset

1. Make sure NAO is OFF. And now you can remove the USB drive from your computer, and put it into NAO’s Head

2. Push and hold NAO’s chest button for at least 6 seconds until it begins flashing blue (if it’s not flashing, try it again). It will take 20 to 30 minutes. The lights on the top of the head and ears will change patterns as it completes different stages of the reset.

3. When it finishes, you’ll hear the robot startup sound.


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  • Feb 12, 2018 2:51:13 PM