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How to Perform Factory Reset on Pepper Robot

In some scenarios you will need to reinstall Pepper’s operating system, called NAOqi. Follow these steps to perform a factory reset on your Pepper: 


1. Download the system image from the Community website?

2. Download Putty if you are using Windows OS (with Mac OS and Linux you can directly use a terminal)

3. Download Filezilla (you can use SCP protocol if you prefer)


1. Connect to your robot using SSH:


 Mac and Linux

Open Putty.

It will ask you to login. User name and password: nao

Minimize this window for now.

 Open a terminal.

 Enter ssh nao@XX.XX.XX.XXX where XX.XX.XX.XXX is your  robot's IP.

 Enter your robot's password.


2. Copy the system image downloaded on your Pepper using Filezilla:

3. Open Filezilla.

4. Enter your robot's IP in the Host Name field.

5. Enter User name and password.

6. Enter 22 in the Port field.

7. Click on Connect.

8. Copy the system image from your laptop to the /home/nao folder (Transfer of file should take about 10 minutes)

9. In the terminal opened with Putty, enter nao-autoflash XXXX where XXXX is the name of your system image file (you can use auto completion with Tab).

 It should look something like this:

nao-autoflash /etc/naoqi/pepper-x86-2.x.x.x_2017.opn

10. Reboot your robot. The shoulders and ears lights should be blinking blue. Wait until the Get Starting Wizard is displayed on the screen which should be about 20 minutes depending on the version you are installing.

And you did it! you performed a reset on your Pepper Robot!


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  • Apr 23, 2019 4:07:48 PM