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NAO's basic channel bug is fixed here's what to do

For the past few weeks if you had basic channel installed on your NAO you probably experienced a frustrating problem, the NAO wouldn't hear or understand your commands. It didn't matter what you said among the sentences that NAO is supposed to understand it wouldn't react. It was stuck in listening mode like that 

We have great news the problem was identified and fixed! All you need to do now is :
1. Remove/ Uninstall basic channel from your NAO 
You need to:
-  Login your account on the Softbank community website.

-  Go to Applications or store
-  Click the tab Channels 
- And click the button unsuscribe

 2. Install basic channel again. 
Do the same as a above and suscribe again.
Give few minutes to your robot to install again all the applications. When it's done, it's ready to listen to you again! 
Enjoy conversing with your NAO ;) 
  • Jan 24, 2023 3:41:47 PM