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5 Halloween Activities for Kids

Halloween should be fun but that doesn’t mean that it can’t also be educational. Halloween is a great theme for math, tech, engineering and science. Check these great math, science and engineering activities for kids browsing our list and find something fun to add to your special Halloween playdate, class Halloween party, or just at home with your kids!

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melting alien brain no time for flash cards


1. Melt the monster brain  

Ice play like this isn’t just fun, it’s easy to set up. That’s worth noting because as much as I wish I had time to set up completely elaborate play set ups, I honestly do not have time right now. This I have time for and its rad. You could make this for a Halloween party as a fun no-candy Halloween sensory activity. Check it out here





2. Count & Fill Frankensteins  

My husband loves math the way that I love art. When he talks about numbers his voices change just a little bit the same way mine does when I start telling someone about the first time I saw a favorite painting in person. Well my son seems to be gearing more towards that side of things so I have been trying to come up with math activities that fit themes, have an art element if he wants to help me make them and most importantly are fun. Check it out here 


3. Quick and easy Hallowen Math Game

easy math game no time for flash cards

Gather your materials. You will need a piece of paper, a marker, dice in two colors, and two kinds of counters we used vampire erasers and bat erasers. The vampire ones were mostly green and the bats were mostly black so I grabbed a black and green dice. I also used a tray, but that’s optional. Check it out here




4. Halloween Graphing 

I had to post this one now so that all of you Target shoppers can get to the dollar spot to buy these Halloween erasers before they are gobbled up. I love using themed mini erasers for learning activities especially as  math manipulatives. Check it out here




5. Candy Corn counting

Counting is fun, counting candy is even more fun!  This is a great thanksgiving themed math activity that promotes” Checking your work” something that not only encourages kids to slow down (something my son needs when doing tasks) but it also builds independence and confidence.




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  • Oct 30, 2019 12:00:00 PM

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