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Engage! K12 course on Career Technical Education and IT with Dobot Robotic Arm.

Check the course CTE- IT with Robotic Arm on Engage!K12  and  master programming environments and programming languages with Dobot. 

RobotLAB has created several companion courses to go with CTE curriculum, one of which is  CTE- IT with robotic arm. It's a programming and software developing class, and it covers fundamentals like variables, loops, recursion, and troubleshooting.

So we're going to go through one of the lessons right now, lesson four Tower Sorting. It builds on what students learned in the past three lessons about using sensors to sense color and second blocks with the art.

So, in the past lessons they learned about variables. In this one, they're going to learn about lists, which are big groups of data that they have collected. But each data point doesn't have its own name, so, what they're able to do in this lesson is learned how to iterate through all of that data they've collected and use it to process large amount of blocks and sort them into color sort of towers, they do that with a programming language called Blockly.

And what they have to do is check the list for the order of colors and place them in that order to make the tower, so it's actually pretty complicated.

Onnce they're finished, they reflect on what they've done. And they're able to answer questions about specific vocabulary and concepts that they learn and also how they feel about how they did. 

Teachers are able to look back on that and see how their students are performing and where they might need more assistence. 

if you'd like to see more lessons with Dobot robotic arm and hundreds of others. Please visit Engage!K12 

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