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How To Use Robots in Education

Would you rather learn from a robot teacher or a human teacher?

The use of robots is rapidly becoming more commonplace all around us – in our workplaces, our homes, and soon even in our schools.

Although the use of robots is quite new in the field of education, some experts predict that within the next ten years they will be regularly used in classrooms around the world.

Robots in education

Education is one of the areas of society on which artificial intelligence has the potential to make the most positive impact.  AI tutors could help students significantly with their learning processes, could also provide teachers with valuable information about how students learn, as well as recommendations on how to better personalize each student’s learning experience.

Guidelines for Implementing Robots in the Classroom

Robots can be amazingly valuable teaching tools, but it’s important to implement them properly for the best possible results. I would suggest following these four basic guidelines when planning to use robots in the classroom:

Have a clear objective: Identify the specific learning objective you want the robot to help you to achieve, and then use the robot only for that purpose.

Use the robots to help with repetitive tasks: Today´s robots are becoming very good at repetitive tasks, which can often be boring and time-consuming for humans. By delegating these types of mundane chores to robots, teachers can focus more of their time and attention on educating their students.

Make sure children don’t become too attached to the robot: Because children need a lot of human social interaction, it’s important to make sure they understand that the robot is there to help them with learning, rather than as a friend or social companion.

Follow ethical guidelines: When using robots in the classroom, it is essential to follow proper ethical guidelines. As technology becomes more powerful every day, the role of ethics is becoming increasingly important, and this applies to the use of robots.

Following the above guidelines will help to maximize the benefits for both students and teachers, while ensuring that the robots will not be misused in any way.

Pepper robog education


Robots in Education – Within the Next 10 Years

As artificial intelligence and robotics technologies continue growing exponentially, we will be able to do quite amazing things with the help of robots in the field of education.

According to educational expert Sir Anthony Seldon, within the next ten years teaching robots will be able to read children’s facial expressions, and maybe even their brains, to analyze and adapt to how their learning is proceeding.

In the future, AI tutors and robots will be with students during all the years that they are in school. This, according to Sir Anthony Seldon, will allow the robots to get to know the students very well, better enabling them to provide inspiration, motivation, and personalized learning.

Sir Anthony also believes that within the next ten years, as robots continue to become more effective at teaching, teachers’ roles will become less as educators and more as overseers or mentors.

Within the next seven to ten years, virtual reality headsets will also be widely used in the education process, as they will be inexpensive and provide an immersive experience that can help students to quickly and effectively learn almost anything that can be demonstrated. 

As technology will make almost anything possible within the next ten years, it’s important that we continue trying to analyze the long-term effects of its use. We also need to use each new technology responsibly, always following ethical guidelines and standards. Finally, never forget that robots are created to serve humans, not the other way around.

Teacher with NAO robot-1


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This article is original from Lasse Rouhianein: https://www.lasserouhiainen.com/how-to-use-robots-in-education/

  • Aug 7, 2019 10:33:19 AM

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