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Humanoid Robots for STEM Education

Education is one of the most important things that everyone should have because this has something to do with the kind of life that they can have in the future. This is the reason why the government of United Kingdom would want to improve the engagement of children with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math subjects also known as the STEM.


Downfall in Skills:

UK is now experiencing problems about their students because of the fact that there was a downfall in their skills that involves the STEM subjects. This can be the reason why UK can’t compete with the technological advancement that is now taking place in different parts of the world. At this present time, schools and councils should come up with their own strategy of teaching students the STEM subjects in a way that the can deliver it rightly and children will keep it in their mind.


Humanoid Robots:

In areas like Warwickshire, they have thought of using humanoid robots to develop the STEM program, where NAO a humanoid robot was introduced. They formed a team that will utilize NAO robots for STEM education. There are already more than 6000 NAO robots that you can find all over the world. However, only 200 of these robots are located in United Kingdom which is why children failed in their STEM subjects.

Using Humanoid Robots for STEM Education:

They are also pointing out the imbalance between the performances of two genders to STEM education. They should work on improving the ability of girls in STEM subjects. Workshops are being held from all over the world to encourage them of using active robots for their STEM Program. They believe that this will make it easier for students to excel in STEM subjects with the help of the humanoid robots.

NAO humanoid robots are not only designed for STEM education alone, but they can also be of a great help for K up to post-graduate research in the University. Aside from that, NAO can also provide remarkable benefits to children who are suffering from autism. Aldebaran who is the creator of the NAO robots had presented the ASK NAO or Autism Solutions for Kids NAO.

Making use of humanoid robots for special education will alleviate the work that human therapists do just to teach children with autism. As we can see, there is deficient in numbers of human therapists that tries to help autistic kids to live a normal life.  These robots don’t only move their body to make gestures, but they are also capable of speaking selected words in order to make the children react. This will make it possible for autistic kids to interact with the people around them.



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