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It's Coffee Time and this Dobot Magician Robotic Arm can Serve You One!

Dobot Robotic Arm-Coffe Shop

The yummy Future Robot Café, unlike other regular coffee shops, is a University startup founded by two master's graduate students in engineering. The robotic arm and the coffee machinery are located inside a wheeled white cube protected by  glass. The curious students and customers come closer to pay for their coffee and to see the robotic arm on a sliding rail carry their cup, fill it in with their beverage selection and bring it out to them.

Cui Guangzhe and Yan Yueming are the two founders of this stylish coffee startup called ROBOT X COFFE + BEVERAGE, and Dobot Magician is the robotic arm that makes coffee a better experience for the customers. 


Dobot Magician V3 is an integration of programming, mechanics, electronics, and automation. Dobot has the most multi-functional robotic arm user interface on the market. In addition to scripting (Python), it also has a graphical programming environment, where you can write codes by simply piling up blocks. 

The sliding rail is also the tool that allows Dobot arm to travel from one place to another, first grabbing the coffee cup, and then bring it out the customers.  Since the robot is controlled by the cloud, the robot can show its flexibility in the original dance when there is no order. When the customer has not yet taken the coffee, the robot will also open a smart service to ensure that the customer is given hot coffee.

For Cui and Yan their café is the newest extension of the Internet of things: real-world, practical devices armed with Internet connectivity. 

Such a robot with smart ordering and coffee making quickly attracted the attention of the School Entrepreneurship Center and the School of Electronic Engineering. With the support of the school, they successfully applied for the patent of the product, and they began to actively seek the approval of the official government documents, and truly established the coffee shop legally.

Long-term, the team wants to add more capability to the café. Adding mobile pre-orders, a delivery system, dietary adjustments and lifelike customer service are all in the planning stages. 

Dobot arm-coffeCody Bainbridge, sophomore in Engineering, buys coffee from the Robot x Coffee Machine outside of Grainger. The robot serves between 100 to 200 cups a day.


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Dobot Magician Robotic Arm  Dobot Magician Sliding Rail 


Dobot Arm and Sliding rail


  • Jul 31, 2019 10:34:20 AM

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