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KIPP Founder Sees Correlation Between EdTech and High Test Scores

In today’s RobotsLAB Blog we want to give three Cheers for one of this countries’ most successful ed-tech aware education systems! KIPP! KIPP! HOORAY! and... KIPP! KIPP! HOORAY! and one last time... KIPP! KIPP! HOORAY!


Okay, so that was a bit of a silly opening. But Hip! Hip! Hooray! is so last century and I wanted to get your attention to K-I-P-P, a definitely this-century system of over 140 schools administering to under-resourced communities across the United States. Google “KIPP” and you’ll be amazed at the number of big inner-cities with a KIPP school. (Or go directly to their website: http://www.kipp.org/ )


KIPP by the way, is an acronym which stands for Knowledge Is Power Program. To show how successful KIPP is, take a look at the record of KIPP Los Angeles, the highest performing elementary school in the LA system and one of the top ten in the entire state of California!



KIPPs are everywhere!

What’s the secret of KIPP’s success? Well, David Levin, one of KIPP’s founders thinks edtech made the difference. He says that EdTech productsindividualize and differentiate instruction in real time, at the exact right level for each student, in a classroom, at home.”

He goes on to say that technology is an important part of the solution to present problems in education. He is also quick to add that technology is far from the only solution.


RobotsLAB agrees with David Levin. Our EdTech product, the RobotsLAB BOX containing four amazing robots and a tablet can truly “individualize and differentiate math instructionin real time, and the levels of students' engagement is beyond compare! However, we also believe a committed teacher is still necessary to get everything right!

  • Nov 8, 2013 10:42:00 PM
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