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Launching The first 3D printed robot - STEM BOT 3D

RobotsLAB, the educational robotics company, recently launched a new robotics curriculum- STEM BOT 3Dduring the FETC conference in Orlando, FL




Although it may not look like one, when you look closely at the skeleton you can see that this is a 3D printed robot. STEM BOT 3D is RobotLAB's newest offering designed to provide educators with a tool that will help to engage students in Math and Science.

The STEM BOT 3D package and accompanying curriculum introduces students to programming the robot, 3D printing and designing the skeleton, working on the electronics, and making sure that the students understand the complete life cycle of creating a product. This is becoming increasingly important as 3D printers continue to enter schools, businesses and homes.  It's not enough simply to print a simple 3D widget. Students can benefit from an understanding of the larger process, and educators can incorporate the printers into their classwork.

3D printing is the next industrial evolution.  In this curriculum we provide only the electronics and the motors; the students have to work on everything else. They have to 3D print the parts and can, of course, re-design them and change them to their liking. Students get to work on the electronics and understand how sensors are working and how other robot parts are actually coming to life. Eventually, they are programing the robot using Scratch, a simple drag-and-drop interface with which many educators are already familiar.

This interface actually helps students to control the robot and get feedback from sensors. It has multiple sensors including tactile sensors, sound sensors, beat detector, camera, and more.  The robot can actually follow a student’s face and interact with them. It’s more than a basic robot, its one that students become more attached to because they actually get to make it!

  • Feb 19, 2014 9:00:00 AM

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