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RobotsLAB is pleased to report that yet another state has realized the importance of STEM learning and the necessity of spending more of their scarce educational funds on it. 
The state this time is Ohio!
Ohio State Superintendent Dick Ross believes that “many educators and administrators are eager for transformation and we have the innovative spirit needed to improve student efficiencies.”
Apparently Ohio’s Republican governor John Kasich agrees with Ross as he recently asked the Ohio State Legislature to make available $250 million for new education innovation fund grants in the next two fiscal years.
Called the Straight A Fund, he wants the legislature to dedicate $100 million for the present fiscal year and $150 million the next.
The grants will be available for innovative ideas from traditional schools as well as STEM schools.
A board consisting of Ohio education notables like the Ohio House of Representatives education chairman and several school superintendents was formed to govern the fund. They are responsible for choosing a slate of grant advisors who will recommend worthy recipients.
We intend to “pay special attention to proposals that promote sustainability, efficiency and effectiveness and involve innovative new ways of teaching and learning” said newly elected board chairman Alex Fisher, CEO of the Columbus Partnership.
A growing awareness of the importance of STEM learning has educators in many states insisting on more funds for this type of education.
We at RobotsLAB are pleased to find Ohio among those states willing to invest more in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math for their future leaders.
  • Sep 30, 2013 11:15:00 AM

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