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Storytelling with Pepper

Check the lesson Storytelling with Pepper on Engage!K12 and learn  about a literary device and a relevant coding skill with Pepper. 

Let me Introduce you to storytelling with pepper, this course is unique because it uses robotics and programming to teach storytelling. 

My favorite lesson is lesson number three Speech Patterns. In this lesson, students learn how the tone of voice that a person uses can change the meaning of what they're saying.

The lesson starts out with pepper telling a story, as a class they are going to discuss what is it a change about Pepper's voice as they are telling the story, and how does that change the meaning of the story. 

The students get to actually answer questions on their computers and a have their results show on the screen to guide the teachers and the students through their learning.

The next part is the language skills,  this is  where they get to explore even more how the speed and tone of voice can change the meaning within a character.

The next section, is the programming skills this is where the teachers shows the students how to program Pepper to change the speed and tone of the voice and the students get to practice. The students then add this to their story to add more complex storytelling aspects.

At the end students get to reflect on their learning and engage again through questions on the platform to really reinforce what they've learned.

If you want to learn more, go to Engage!K12 and browse hundreds of lessons. I'll see you there!

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