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The Future Is Here: How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your Studies

By IvyPanda


Artificial intelligence has had an enormous impact on many aspects of our lives, including education. Even UNSECO has acknowledged it! In 2019, they’ve created the Beijing Consensus on Artificial Intelligence and Education, which includes recommendations on using such software in classrooms. As you can see, AI is here to stay.

How AI Is Used in Education

Artificial intelligence can optimize and improve any process it touches, and education is no exception. AI’s decision-making capabilities introduce new possibilities to every aspect of studying. Here are some examples:
Personalized learning and smart scheduling. AI makes it possible to develop a truly individualized approach. It can quickly analyze every student’s learning style and preferences and then create a detailed, personalized academic plan.

Online learning and tutoring. AI’s capabilities in this area are unrivaled. For example, it can seamlessly match students with tutors. AI is also perfect for creating a studying platform. Some online learning environments have proven to be as efficient as face-to-face classes.

Assessment. It’s faster and less demanding to let AI keep track of things. It can take care of tests, grading, and even assessing personal skills.

Recruiting. Finding new talents for your team of teachers can also be accomplished with the help of AI. Just find a suitable algorithm to use, enter all the requirements, and you’re bound to find the right teacher for your team.

School management. Almost every part of running a school or another institution can be automized by AI, including managing salaries, security, monitoring, and many others.

Learning content. You can even generate study resources with AI. Find a suitable program, and there will be no need to scroll through dozens of links.

Benefits of AI for Studying

As you can see, artificial intelligence can work wonders in the learning system. However, there are plenty of other perks that come with the implementation of AI in education:
Easy troubleshooting. When your management uses the help of AI, identifying problems within the classroom becomes easy. You can find all the information you need on any student and adjust their studying process accordingly.

Convenience. Automatic systems drastically reduce the amount of paperwork needed in educational environments, which lessens stressful work conditions — because, frankly speaking, nobody likes paperwork.

Engagement. Personalizing academic plans give teachers new opportunities to diversify the studying process. Knowing the needs and preferences of your students, you can transform dull exercises into exciting experiences. Finding supplementary materials like games, videos, or music also becomes incredibly simple.

Accessibility. Being able to study from home has its advantages. It no longer matters where you live since you can work with any teacher worldwide. Certain disabilities are no longer an obstacle either.

Easy to use. With AI, it’s easier than ever to find an answer to any question. There’s no need to bother your teacher with minor questions.

Schools and universities are not the only ones that benefit from AI education software, students can also enjoy many advantages. 

Learn more about AI with RobotLAB

The AI LAB is a turnkey, state-of-the-art modular learning space designed to enable students rotation between the AI Stations. Each configuration includes more than 1,000 instructional hours and provides learners with practical hands-on activities exposing them to multiple disciplines and various scenarios in which artificial intelligence takes control of our lives. It gives students a unique and rich learning experience to ensure that they are ready for their careers, college, and life-in-the-2030s. 

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AI LAB For Education 

  • Jun 15, 2022 10:34:16 AM

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