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It's here! The NAO Robot is finally out of the classroom! We took it to skydive! Take a look...

Do you remember when:

  •          AldebaranRobotics' NAO robot was only available to schools and universities?
  •          When a NAO cost $16,000?
  •          NAO was unable to fly?


Well, that's old news because:

  •          NAO is available for purchase by anyone.  No more academic requirements
  •          The price of a NAO has been reduced to only $7,990!  Or even free (see below).
  •          We arranged a skydiving trip to get NAO out of the classroom


We are working with Aldebaran Robotics and their NAO robots since 2010. We've delivered hundreds of NAOs to schools, universities, research institutes and tech museums around the world, and even publicly shared apps for NAO on the RobotAppStore. Unfortunately, over the years we have had to turn away many people that wanted to adopt a NAO because they didn't meet the academic criteria. It has been very difficult to say "no" over and over again, and to disappoint all of those people that wanted to put their hands on the latest and greatest technology.

At last, the wait is over.

Aldebaran no longer requires NAO purchases to come from academia.   Anyone can buy one! (Just make sure that you understand computer software before you buy one.)

And general availability isn't even the best part! The best part is that the price has dropped from $16,000 to only $7,990. That's a 50% drop!  That's right.  NAO is half price AND anyone can buy it!

To celebrate this exciting news, we've decided make it even more exciting and give cash back to one out of twenty of the buyers of the NAO! (Please read the terms and conditions here). Not only that, we’ve arranged a skydive experience for NAO, to demonstrate the robot is out of the classroom and the amazing price drop. Take a look for yourself, (and don’t forget to share!)


Want to learn more? click below:

  • Mar 17, 2014 12:20:00 AM
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