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Unboxing your new NAO Robot V6!

This the way you should unbox your new Nao Robot V6! check it out:


Today I'm really excited because we just got our first shipment of NAO V6 and if you're watching this, maybe you just got yours too. So I'm going to show you how to unbox it. 

You want to start by cutting just the sides, cut the sides don't cut down the middle because there's a poster inside so just cut two little corners on the edges here and then you can take it and pop it open and then the Poster stay save and you didn't cut it in half. Here it is. It's beautiful and functional because it tells you how to charge your robot how to take it outof the box and how to get started.

Alright, so first thing you're going to see when you open the box is the charger, just put that aside for now.  You're going to see this giant piece of foam It looks disposable but don't throw it away It's really useful for later when you want to store your robot, As you can see it's got this nice imprint that looks just like the NAO and these holes here for the NAO's hands so that when you store it the fingers don't get broken because they're really fragile so definitely keep this.

Next you've got the star of the show... NAO V6!

When you take him out of the box here I'm going to show you grabbed him by the chest. Don't grab the arms or the legs and a head, kind of like the baby.

Alright, Here he is... NAO V6! Look at this beautiful new gray. I love it.

Okay, we got  NAO out of the box, what do you think? I Love the color. They say that it's dark gray but I think of it as more of a sparkly gray.

So now that you've got your NAO out of the box, you probably want to do something with him and we can help you over to Engage!K12. We've got hundreds of lessons for the NAO robot and resources for users.

So come join us. 


Interested about having the new Nao Robot V6? Ask for a Price Quote Request!

Nao Robot V6 - Price Quote Request

  • Sep 14, 2018 12:00:00 PM

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