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Check or Change NAO Robot Volume

This post can help if you are experiencing a problem such as:

-My NAO robot won't speak to me.

-My NAO robot won't say anything. 

-My NAO robot stopped making sound.


The very first thing to check if your NAO robot isn’t making any sound is if the volume has been set too low to hear. This can happen without your knowledge! In some cases the NAO turns its volume down almost to zero on its own.

Before going any further, get your NAO in a very quiet space, put your ear up to the speaker on NAO’s head and press the chest button once. If you still cannot hear your NAO, you can check or change NAO’s volume several ways, but first you will need to find the NAO’s IP address.

If you commonly use your NAO on the same WIFI network it should keep the same IP address every time. Of course this is only helpful if you remember that IP address.

If you have ever connected to NAO in Choregraphe using the box “Use fixed IP/hostname”, the IP address will be saved in the box. You can change the NAO’s volume in Choregraphe.

Chor FixedIP-1

If your NAO connects automatically to WIFI, you can connect two ways. Using Choregraphe, in the “Connect to” box, your NAO should appear in green with the host name “nao.local”. Select your NAO from the list and click on “Select” to connect. You could also access the Robot Webpage by using the same hostname “nao.local./” Enter that name into an internet browser. On the robot webpage you can change NAO’s volume setting.

Robot Webpage

If your NAO does not automatically connect to WIFI, you can connect an ethernet cable between your computer and the NAO. After about a minute NAO will establish an IP address and you will be able to access it using “nao.local./” like above.


If you connected to your NAO and confirmed that its volume is up but still not making any sound, Contact Support.

  • Jan 17, 2023 1:24:43 PM