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How To Take Care of LittleBits in the Classroom

Keeping Your Bits Organized

  • Before starting your lesson or unit with littleBits, make some rules with your class regarding set up and clean up. Establishing good habits will help ensure Bits are taken care of in the classroom.
  • Show students how you would like them to handle the Bits, and how Bits should be organized for storing between lessons.
  • For lessons or invention challenges in progress, develop a classroom procedure for labeling and storing prototypes (and Bits), so your students can easily put away and access their inventions again with limited interruption.
  • The back of the Code Kit and the STEAM Student Set Invention Guides have a map showing where the Bits fit into the packaging.






Cleaning Bits 

  • If you find that your Bits aren't working as expected, try cleaning the bitSnaps - the magnetic connectors on the sides of each bit.

  • The best way to clean Bits is to wipe them with a dry cloth (a clean T-shirt works perfectly).

  • If they still aren't working, try putting a small amount of isopropyl alcohol on a soft, clean cloth and gently wiping the connectors. Do not use any other cleaning products on your Bits.



Power Source

Every circuit that students build will require a power source, so maintaining power will be an important part of managing littleBits in the classroom.
Think about who will be responsible for checking and replacing low batteries.

Signs of low batteries may include:

  • Low or flickering lights (especially when you try to run one of the motors in the circuit)
  • Erratic behavior with the servo motor


  • Motors that won’t run


When you see that batteries are running low, it’s time to recharge or replace them. USB power can also be used instead of 9V batteries.

Do you have access to extra batteries?

If you find yourself running through single-use batteries, consider purchasing rechargeable batteries from a trusted brand like Duracell.

Final thoughts
Remember that sometimes students will be shy about reporting a bit that's not working or may be damaged.
Encourage them to speak up, after they've tried troubleshooting, when they hit a roadblock.
Make sure students know they won't be in trouble for reporting problems.

Keep any non-functional bits in a separate place so they are not mixed up with working bits.

  • Jul 18, 2018 3:07:25 PM