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I Keep Experiencing Errors on Pepper Even After Restart

If you keep getting error even after a restart, this usually indicates that it is time for a firmware reset.
1. Turn OFF the robot.
2. Press and hold the power button for 6 seconds
until its shoulders start blinking blue.
3. Wait for 10 minutes until the reset process is complete.
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  • Jan 24, 2023 3:25:38 PM

How to Safely Move Pepper Robot

Before moving Pepper around, make sure that:
1. The floor is flat, dry and there is no rug or a thick carper on the way that could cause the robot to fall.
2. There is at least 120 cm of free space around the robot.
3. You keep Pepper away from steps.

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  • Jul 19, 2018 3:56:32 PM

Ozobot Color Coding Doesn't Work Properly

Here are some things to try if your Ozobot robot ignores the color coded instructions:
1. Make sure your lines are the right size.
   In order to make the Ozobot recognize the line,
   it should be about 5 mm wide.
2. Make sure your lines are consistent.
   If the line gets wider or thinner,
   Ozobot may loose the line and stop its motion.
3. Make sure your turns are curved gracefully.
    If the continuation of the line is in parallel and too close,
    the Ozobot robot may see it as the same line
    and won't be able to make the turn.
4. Make sure you don't have sharp curves.
5. Make sure your color coded sequence is positioned correctly.
    The sequence should be surrounded by
    Black lines longer than 2 cm in length.
    All colored components of the sequence should be
    the same size and length,
    without any white space in between or overlapping colors.
6. Make sure the coded sequence colors you are using are not too dark or light.
7. Make sure the sequence is at least 5mm wide
    and no longer than 6 mm in length for a single color.
8. Make sure your color coded sequence is well seen by the robot.
   Keep codes on straight lines away from the corners, 
   away from intersections,
   and at least 2.5 cm apart from each other.
9. Make sure you are using the correct markers 
10. Make sure your robot is fully charged.
     If Ozobot blinks red, then the battery needs to be charged.
11. Make sure your Ozobot robot is calibrated.
12. Make sure your Ozobot robot is clean to allow his sensors a good visibility.

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  • Jul 19, 2018 2:09:38 PM

How to Charge Ozobot

Ozobot motor is fueled by a tiny battery.

calibration ozobot

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  • Jul 19, 2018 1:34:36 PM

How to Clean Ozobot

Dust or grease can get into Ozobot Bit’s drive train and affect its movement.

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  • Jul 19, 2018 1:30:46 PM

How to Calibrate Ozobot

It is extremely important to calibrate the Ozobot robot every time you begin playing, when light conditions change and whenever you change your playing surface.
Ozobot’s infrared sensors (also known as its "eyes") are highly sensitive to surrounding light.
As a result, changing paper or moving closer to a window affects Ozobot’s ability to follow lines and read color codes.
Calibration orients Ozobot to the surrounding light and surface.

There are two methods to calibrate the Ozobot robot.

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  • Jul 19, 2018 1:02:38 PM

How to Create Your Own Ozobot Playground

In order to create your own playground for Ozobot, you will need:
* A white sheet of paper;
* Thick markers: Black, Blue, Red and Green.

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  • Jul 19, 2018 12:21:39 PM

What Doesn't Works When Using LittleBits in the Classroom?

• LittleBits can fall off of desks and tables, and often end up getting stepped on.
Using cafeteria trays when students are working with the Little-Bits can help with this problem.

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  • Jul 18, 2018 3:45:27 PM

What Works Well When Using LittleBits in the Classroom?

• Allow students to bring in their own materials, such as LEGO or K’Nex, for their projects.

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  • Jul 18, 2018 3:40:10 PM