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My school uses a program that connects to projectors/smartboards over Wi-Fi (miracast, chromecast, etc.). Can I use this with the BOX?

Wireless data streaming programs like Miracast and Chromecast are becoming popular ways to reduce the number of wires, plugs, and cables in classrooms. The short answer, though, is that while you can use these technologies to connect your BOX and tablet with a projector, we recommend that you don't. Your tablet for the RobotsLAB BOX uses its Wi-Fi connection to control the AR.Drone included in your kit. If the tablet is connected to a projector over Wi-Fi, then it will not be able to talk to the AR.Drone, which means you will be unable to run the lesson!

Using the Wi-Fi connection with your projector while using any of the other robots included in the BOX will cause no problems (they use Bluetooth), but it may cause you a lot of hassle. For example, you'd have to make sure to disconnect the Wi-Fi at the end of every lesson, and restart it at the beginning of each lesson, to prevent conflicts with the AR.Drone.

One of the perks of the BOX is that it's designed not to waste your time; this includes avoiding complications with connecting, disconnecting, interfering signals, remembering five different Wi-Fi passwords, and the like. Instead of using a Wi-Fi streaming program, we package the BOX with a super-helpful HDMI dongle to connect your tablet with your projector -- take advantage of it!

  • Jan 24, 2023 3:14:01 PM