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NAO Does Not Finish Booting

NAO does not finish booting up.


In rare cases, after a NAOqi update or factory reset, NAO will get “stuck” during its boot process and will never finish booting up. If you have been waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for NAO to finish booting up, there is probably a solution. This problem can usually be identified by the ear LEDs or the chest button LED.

The ear LEDs behave like a progress indicator while NAO is booting up. A NAO that does not complete its boot process may have its ear LEDS only go part of the way around the speaker.

The chest button LED flashes different colors and patterns during the boot process before eventually settling on solid white. A NAO that does not completely boot may have a slow flashing white chest button.

The final indicator that the NAO does not completely boot is that it will not respond to the chest button. NAO will not say its IP address when you single press the chest button, and double pressing the chest button will not get the NAO to wake up or rest.

In most cases, the solution is very simple: create a USB flasher to factory reset the NAO. Those instructions are on this page.


If you try this and it does not solve the problem, Contact Support.

  • Jan 18, 2023 11:13:21 AM