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NAO robot can't understand voice command

You just received your NAO and you're very excited to discover all it can do and how to use it. You are following all the steps to get started.  The NAO has just registered to the basic channel and it's now ready to engage and interact with you. He's looking at you and you ask " Hello NAO, what can you do ?" The robot looks at you and ignores you . You try again " hey NAO, what can you do ?" ... nothing. As if you were not here. You try another sentence "What's your name?" .. silence, nothing. How frustrated this can be, it's new and already broken. What's wrong with its microphones?

Relax. Your robot is most likely fine. The microphones are working (You can test that with a quick Choregraphe program). What happen is a software bug that was identified and affects every NAO owner that installed basic channel. Work is done to repair this problem. In the meantime here's few steps to workaround this issue.

Introduction: basic channel installed gives you access to 38 applications and services. Many of them with dialog. You can see that from the robot webpage third tab as follow:

Third tab NAO webpage Basica Channel apps.png

 When everything is installed this screen looks like this:

Third tab NAO webpage Basic Channel all apps installed.png

1. The issue:

Talking to NAO and it doesn't recognize anything. NAO stays on listening mode like this:


2. The work around

Uninstall Basic Channel as follow :

Unsuscribe from basic channel .png

Once you unsubscribed you can see on the NAO webpage third tab:

No applicaiton after uninstalling basic channel.png

Now install only basic dialog apps. You find them under Applications as represented below:

Instal basic dialog apps.png  

After installing these apps, subscribe again to basic channel! 

Try to talk to the NAO, it will understand you now! 

  • Jul 26, 2017 3:21:32 PM