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Our robotics experts answering frequently asked questions

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When I connect my tablet to a projector, the image coming from my projector is a weird color. What's going on?

If your tablet's screen looks normal, but the image coming from the projector is the wrong color, the issue is probably in either the projector dongle or the projector.

Otherwise, the wear and tear of use can sometimes break a pin loose on the projector dongle that came with your RobotsLAB BOX. When this happens, the image color coming from your tablet gets changed on the way to the projector. Try the dongle and tablet together on a different projector just to make sure -- if the image is still the wrong color on a new projector, the problem probably lies in the dongle. Send us an email with your contact information and BOX serial number, and we'll get a replacement to you as soon as we can! 

  • Jan 24, 2023 1:50:46 PM