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What Doesn't Works When Using LittleBits in the Classroom?

• LittleBits can fall off of desks and tables, and often end up getting stepped on.
Using cafeteria trays when students are working with the Little-Bits can help with this problem.

• It can be challenging for students to put the Little-Bits back in the original boxes.
I find that the littleBits tackle box saves a lot of time and it’s easier for students to find what they’re looking for.

• Free play with littleBits has its definite advantages, but students will sometimes disengage after a time.
Having a goal or design challenge to help structure the play engages students for a longer period of time and helps teachers meet specific learning standards.

• The battery tends to be a bit heavy and does not have little feet that fit into the holes of the shoes.
Velcro, rubber bands, and zip ties work well to secure the battery to different surfaces.

• Storage space for large unfinished projects can be a challenge.
Inexpensive bookshelves can hold a lot and use a small amount of space.

• Getting Little Bits to adhere to other materials can sometimes frustrate students.
The littleBits shoes that come with the kit work well, and students can reuse them for different projects too.

  • Jul 18, 2018 3:45:27 PM