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What Markers Should I Use To Color Code Ozobot Robot

ozobot markersMany lessons require black, red, light blue, and light green markers.
It is recommended to use Ozobot markers to ensure that your robot reads the colors reliably.

Crayons, dry erase markers colored pencils, water colors and highlighters should not be used with Ozobot.  You can also use Sharpie wide chisel tips (in pastel colors for blue and green) or Crayola classic markers.

If you are using permanent markers, place an extra sheet of paper underneath to avoid marks on the table surface.

Please note that Ozobot markers should only be used when drawing lines and OzoCodes.
If the markers are used to color in pictures and images then the ink will not last as long.

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  • Jul 19, 2018 1:22:21 PM