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Pepper Robot Meets Astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson at CGI


While we common carbon-beings were going on about our dull, ordinary lives, Pepper Robot was one of the luminous participants at the recent Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) held in New York, City, September 26-29th, 2015. Pepper was onstage with famous  American Museum of Natural History Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. Other notable participants at this year’s CGI included 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Kailash Satyarthi,  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, president of the Republic of Liberia and Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko. Not to mention Chelsea Clinton and Sir Richard Branson. Participants talked about-- and we assume committed themselves to solving-- issues in such important subjects as Implications of Gender-based Violence and Addressing Early Childhood Development.

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Brilliant Little Girl Shares Insights on Cubelets

When we introduce children to cubelets, we have them assume the role of robot investigators. Kids form simple hypotheses on each new component works and then test it by building robots and seeing how robot behavior changes. This robot building process teaches kids to be creative when solving their problems.


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Story about Robot Olympics in an Elementary School

For many people, the activity 'Robot Olympics’ is not too far-fetched because it at least paves the way for something that is highly possible on a larger scale in the future. Here you have 10-year-olds creating their own little contraptions with simple and amazing tools to discover how things work. The results varied considerably with some robots needing a little coaxing on the way. However, everyone gets the basic idea about robots from this event as they are able to tinker around with Dash and Dot.


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3D printing in 3rd grade classroom

Technology is one of the most important parts of our lives; this makes it very important that student should be guided to make use of technology in best of its way. Technology when used to teach the students such that they get to make use of something they already learned theoretically is a great idea.


This idea was presented to world by the two learned teachers of 3rd grade. They combined mathematical knowledge of geometry and latest technology of 3D printing together. This combination of two factors not only made mathematics and especially geometry fun for students but also practical use of them is also learned. How these two teachers proceeded while introducing technology of 3D is somewhat like this:

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CUBELETS OS 4 - A Major Update and Improvement!


Hello Friends,

We’ve got something exciting to announce. We call it Cubelets OS 4.
Cubelets OS 4 is a new operating system for Cubelets that changes the way they communicate. Cubelets OS 4 enables Cubelets to do everything they do now, only better!


With Cubelets OS 4, robots will respond faster to the world around them, providing much quicker feedback on any changes users make. Using a Bluetooth Cubelet is speedy and simple! Reprogramming changes behaviors more quickly and reliably, and, with our NEW Cubelets app, remote-control robots respond in real-time.


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Seattle Pre-school Children Spend Time in Nursing Home

It's totally shocking how many societies, especially developed ones, tend to shun the old. Aged homes have become a concept known in many parts of the world where people surrender ageing members of their family. The reason; there is no time in this busy life to look after or tend to the old. However, aged homes are a reality that we endure although they help in some way; people deprive their pre-k children of the pleasures of old age which may be synonymous with grandparenthood, and they simultaneously deprive their own children of time that could be well spent with experienced individuals of their families.


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5 Tips to introduce students to 3D printing

3D printing is the new dimension to technology and with uprising and futuristic technology it is necessary that the students are guided to make use of it. 3D printing is one of the technologies that can open up the new dimensions of learning. Sometimes, thing are too fragile to be handled, these can be printed in 3D form and can be understood in better understanding and without any fear of them being broken down or ruined especially rock structures, fossils and microorganisms that are difficult to study under microscope can now be studied in magnified form. When introducing 3D printing to students, teachers should keep in mind these five tips that will make it easy for them to teach.

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GET A PEPPER ROBOT, Don't Kick the Dog!

     President Harry S. Truman is reputed to have said “If you need a friend in Washington, get a dog!” Apparently having a human friend and living in Washington is a contradiction in terms. Current political news tends to confirm that!  But owning a dog is no longer the only way to to gain the tension reducing benefits of friendship.  

Robotic engineers have developed an emotional robot. Aldebaran’s Pepper Robot is programmed to respond to evidence of human emotions like laughter, tears, and long faces. This programming allows Pepper to develop an attachment to the robot’s--for lack of a better term--“significant human.” Pepper then reacts to its significant human’s emotional signals in the way that that particular human has shown in previous similar situations he wants the robot to respond to effect a reduction in tension.  At first, presumably, the significant human must tell the robot what reactions he prefers in various emotional situations; which is, after all, not all that different from developing a well-functioning human relationship. Much as we would like our significant other to know what we need emotionally without being told, it rarely happens. Spouses are particularly difficult to program.

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Millennials Fail at Numeracy

You’re in a dungeon with two doors. One leads to escape, the other to execution.

Do we have your attention? Good! This riddle’s relevance to a discussion on the failure of American students to meet the necessary minimum standards of numeracy is to be explained as we continue...

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