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Course on Career Technical Education and STEM with Robotic Arm on Engage!K12

Check the course on CTE-STEM with robotic arm on Engage!K12 and discover coding with Dobot

Career technical education or CTE is a path for career readiness right out of high school and here at RobotLAB we created several courses for the Dobot robotic arm that are companion courses for your existing CTE curriculum to engage students in STEM concepts.

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Career Technical Education and Manufacturing course with Robotic Arm on Engage!K12

Check the course Career Technical Education and Manufacturing with Dobot Robotic Arm and learn about every manufacturing process with robots. 

CTE stands for career technical education, and it's a path to career readiness for
students right out of high school, RobotLAB creates several courses in CTE that are companions to your existing CTE curriculum and allow you to engage your students and help them learn more manufacturing concepts.

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Introduction to Dobot Robotic Arm with Engage!K12

This is the new lesson: Introduction to Dobot robotic arm on Engage! K12. Learn about Dobot set up, DobotStudio platform, Dobot attachments, and troubleshooting.

This is a course designed specifically to prepare teachers for using Dobot in their classroom regardless of your experience level, you'll be able to take this course and know how to use Dobot in your classroom and feel confident helping your students troubleshoot.

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Smart Friday with RobotLAB!

This is a new educational channel called Smart Friday!

Every Friday we will share with you an informational piece about a topic we care about! You can use it in your classroom, share it, learn and enjoy it! Check it out. 

Smart Friday with RobotLAB

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Unboxing your new NAO Robot V6!

This the way you should unbox your new Nao Robot V6! check it out:


Today I'm really excited because we just got our first shipment of NAO V6 and if you're watching this, maybe you just got yours too. So I'm going to show you how to unbox it. 

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Storytelling with Pepper

Check the lesson Storytelling with Pepper on Engage!K12 and learn  about a literary device and a relevant coding skill with Pepper. 

Let me Introduce you to storytelling with pepper, this course is unique because it uses robotics and programming to teach storytelling. 

My favorite lesson is lesson number three Speech Patterns. In this lesson, students learn how the tone of voice that a person uses can change the meaning of what they're saying.

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Introducing Robotics in Interactive Marketing

As marketing strategies of enterprises evolve to become more data-driven, analytical, and focused on engagement, the worldwide use of robots armed with artificial intelligence seems naturally imminent in the future of interactive marketing.


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Teachers, looking to improve your lessons? RobotLAB Offers you a hand… a robotic hand!

New STEM and CTE curricula from RobotLAB include the user-friendly Dobot Robotic Arm to teach Engineering and Coding.


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Welcome to the new school year!

With one year to 2020 (wow, really?! Is it here so soon?!) I’m sure you, like many educators, ask yourself, "how do I engage students in core subjects, without making it feel like we are teaching them pre-historic subjects". How do I make coding and computer science relevant to their lives?

 If you are like me, you keep looking for new, innovative and engaging ways to teach this tech-savvy, always-online generation.

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Robots and Teachers come together to create the best lessons for the classroom

RobotLAB the leader in Educational Robotics, announces today that it will open the flood gates and allow teachers to create their own lessons and customize already-available lessons on Engage!K12, the online learning platform for STEM and robotics.

On the platform, Teachers can find a wide range of digital courses and hands-on activities that bring abstract concepts to life with robots - engaging students and capturing their subject mastery.

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