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Teaching interactive hands-on STEM during online learning

By Robert Low

pexels-ryutaro-tsukata-5745576 (1)Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata from Pexels

Hands-on STEM experiences aren't impossible when learning goes virtual--it just takes a little creativity to help engage students

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3 Phrases That Can Demotivate Students in Math Class

By Rachel Fuhrman

annie-spratt-ORDz1m1-q0I-unsplash-2Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Seemingly innocuous statements can exacerbate math anxiety among learners—and avoiding these phrases can help all students see themselves as “math people."

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7 ways to engage students in remote learning

By James Snyder

online-4727942_1920Image by Tumisu from Pixabay 

Thinking outside the classroom can lead to engaging ways to inspire students during remote learning.

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Education Technology and the Future of Higher Ed Leadership


glenn-carstens-peters-npxXWgQ33ZQ-unsplash-1Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Education Technology (EdTech) has had a more significant impact on education than anyone expected. Now its effects are reaching into the field of higher education. In this article, we will discuss Education Technology and the future of higher ed leadership.

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5 EdTech trends that will transform education in 2021

By Study International

Pepper 2021

COVID-19 has not just changed the way students are educated: it has ultimately forced education technology (EdTech) to up its game quickly. Technology in the classroom has always been a benefit to education, enabling personalised, mastery-based learning, saving time for teachers and equipping students with the digital skills they will definitely be needing in the 21st century. 

In light of the pandemic, thousands of schools and millions of teachers and learners have had to switch to remote classes almost overnight. Thankfully, EdTech has made things easier, replacing traditional paper-and-pen teaching methods for the better.

The changes EdTech has brought forth will continue to influence classroom teaching. As schools and universities prepare for a full return to schools, many are wondering which of these changes should play a greater role in student learning beyond the immediate crisis. With that being said, here are some of the most significant EdTech trends that will transform the way learning is facilitated in 2021:

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5 Ways for Teachers to Continue STEM Education during Distance Learning


andy-falconer-qADcG-2qMd4-unsplashPhoto by Andy Falconer on Unsplash

STEM can be found all around you. Don’t know what STEM is? STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and most commonly used when referring to educational practices. Chris Woods, a STEM teacher and host of the STEM Everyday Podcast, is an activist for incorporating and finding STEM in your everyday life.

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11 Tips for Teaching Preschool Online

By Jessica Young

erika-fletcher-YfNWGrQI3a4-unsplashPhoto by Erika Fletcher on Unsplash

From scavenger hunts to obstacle courses to read-alouds, many activities from the classroom can be adapted for little kids learning from home.

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How Can You Take the Distance Out of Distance Learning?


solen-feyissa-V5Xj7X2PIJw-unsplashPhoto by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

Distance learning has provided thousands of students the chance to increase their knowledge on a chosen subject in an accessible and flexible way. During the fall semester of 2014; 5,750,417 students in the U.S. were enrolled in a postsecondary distance learning course. It is clear that distance learning creates opportunities for young adults and professionals that previously weren’t available. However, while students often praise the flexibility of distance learning, they also comment on the isolation that distance learning students can experience.

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How to Teach Critical Thinking Skills Online


lou-levit-B4op5oZ4x5Q-unsplashPhoto by Lou Levit on Unsplash

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed new challenges around teaching essential skills such as critical thinking—here are some strategies to help.

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What will be the EdTech Trends in 2021?

By Acer Education

javier-quesada-qYfwGVNJqSA-unsplashPhoto by Javier Quesada on Unsplash

The year 2020 will be remembered as the year when social distancing has changed the landscape of education.

Any predictions we can make about the educational technology trends for 2021 must take this into account: the first few months of the year, at least, will be more of the same, but this time, with the added gift of experience.

Most people will agree that schools were unprepared for such a large-scale shift, and that while using technology to support learning can be a new and exciting opportunity, a forced switch without an adequate transition period was traumatic for everyone.

This time, however, teachers have learnt a few lessons of their own: blended learning is the keyword of EdTech trends and the mistakes made in 2020 will be something to build upon in 2021.

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