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 A successful Case Study at Albany High School 

At RobotLAB, we are always working hard to bring unique experiences to classrooms. Developing NAO has allowed us to do this- revitalizing the way STEM is being taught all the way down to the very first educational stages. 

Recently, we carried out a Demo Lesson partnering with Albany High School. On this occasion, we used NAO robot to work with students on English subjects - an experience that gave us great insights into how robotics can influence learning in multiple ways. 

So, what kind of impression did NAO make on students? What do they think now about engineering and overall learning? Let's find out! 

Infographic - Albany High School.jpg

The Effect on Student’s Engagement

One of our most pressing priorities is to successfully stimulate student’s engagement. Creating the right conditions for young students to feel both interested and confident about education is paramount. This is especially true for scientific careers where most students have little to no clear interest.

In this regard, the NAO robot’s use in the classroom may bring much-needed benefits. The survey RobotLAB carried out after the experience ended showed that 81% percent of the students want to learn more about robotics and programming -our experiment successfully increased their interest.

Besides the clear benefit for STEM, other subjects may also enjoy this positive impact. 100% of the surveyed students stated that they want to learn English with NAO once again in the near future.

NAO for Better, More Productive Learning

Enthusiasm and engagement are extremely positive. However, we cannot ignore effectiveness. That’s why we asked the students about success in learning with NAO. In this case, 94% of the students agreed that NAO can help them to learn better, (regardless the subject). The results were exactly the same when we asked about productivity when learning with NAO robot.

A Wonderful Storyteller

At Albany High School’s classrooms, the experience with the NAO robot involved telling the students’ stories. The main goal here will always be creating a motivating environment for students to interact with the robot and get a better understanding of the topic in a fun-tech way. This kind of engagement is hard to achieve but our results were notably positive. 87% of the students reported that they greatly enjoyed how NAO told their stories during the class.

Creating Gifted Engineers for the Future

As we mentioned before, 81% of the students wanted to learn more about robotics and programming after this experience. Aditionally, 31% of the surveyed students told RobotLAB that they now wanted to pursue an engineering career.

This number represents 387% more than the national average, which is only 8%. This scenario is highly promising, now that we know that learning experiences with the NAO robot can greatly increase the genuine interest in this sector. Once again, students have chosen NAO as the ideal learning companion.

At RobotLAB, we believe that our future must be based on innovation that provides the best tech tools for students and teachers. Education needs a revolution and robotics may represent a prolific way to achieve it. 

If you are interested to have a demo lesson in your school, ask for a demo with NAO robot and transform the way of learning. 

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  • Oct 23, 2017 11:05:23 AM

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